The firm assists landlords with both commercial and residential tenant evictions.  Evictions are most often needed because the tenant has failed to pay rent, are holdover tenants (tenants who fail to move out even though their lease has expired) or have engaged in misconduct. Evictions are generally handled on a flat fee basis. 

​Evictions are handled for a flat fee, plus costs.

The fee includes the following legal services:

  • Preparation of lawsuit for eviction
  • Preparation of summons
  • Service of summons and filing with clerk
  • Preparation of motion for default, motion for final judgment and related documents
  • Preparation of writ of possession and delivery to Sheriff
  • Attendance at one hearing if needed
  • Unlimited client communications via phone, email and in person as needed

In the event that the tenant files a counterclaim or contests the eviction and deposits rents to the court registry additional fees will be required, generally on an hourly basis. The fee agreement will detail the fees to be charged in the event the eviction becomes contested.  

COSTS - uncontested eviction:
Clerk's filing fee                                       $185.00
Clerk's electronic convenience fee                5.00
Summons - per tenant                                 10.00
Service of Process - per tenant                   40.00**

Sheriff's fee - writ of possession                  90.00

TOTAL costs (single tenant)                 $330.00

**Estimated cost. Actual charges may vary.

Additional costs and fees as billed by clerk's or third parties are payable by the client as incurred.