Canaveral Legal Law Firm, PL (CLLF) collects Florida judgments on a contingency fee basis of 30% of all amounts collected. If the judgment must be forwarded to counsel in another state, the fee will increase to 40% of all amounts collected. The firm charges a flat fee of $900.00 to domesticate the judgment in Florida. The $900.00 fee includes the costs and attorney's fees.

Costs are in addition to the contingent fee. Costs include filing fees, costs of serving summonses and subpoenas, court reporter fees, exhibits, investigation expenses, Sheriff’s levy fees, clerk’s fees and recording fees.

If you are a licensed attorney who is placing a judgment for your client, referral fees are available in accordance with the rules and requirements of The Florida Bar. 


You won a judgment. Now what?

A judgment is a document awarding money to the successful litigant, but if the debtor doesn't step up and pay, it has to be collected. Judgment collection can be time consuming. There are specific statutes, both state and federal, that govern how judgments can be collected and which provide debtors with protections and exemptions from collection. Many attorneys do not collect judgments that they obtain for their clients. We do.

Canaveral Legal Law Firm collects debts in the State of Florida. The firm has the ability to forward debts, including judgments, for collection in other states. Canaveral Legal Law Firm employs a combination of debt collection techniques to locate assets and obtain payment of judgments. Attorney Carla Reece has over twenty-five years of experience collecting debts, including judgment collection. If you already have a judgment to collect, please fill out our judgment submission form and upload a copy of the judgment. We will contact you regarding the judgment to further discuss your needs. 

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